How to get involved

Our world faces many challenges at the moment and Holy Cross has the additional challenge of needing some major repairs and refurbishment. We are calling this whole package of works and events the 'Well in Woodingdean' Project.

We are asking our community to pray with us:

Praying for the 'Well in Woodingdean' Project

September 2021

The sloping roof of Holy Cross Church needs some major repairs and, while we are at it, it makes sense to modernise or improve some other areas – like the kitchen and garden. It is important that everything we attempt is underpinned by prayer, to ask God to be at the centre of all our endeavours. So, please pray that the Holy Spirit will be in all we imagine and plan and do.

During September, please pray specifically for:

  • Taking off the high pitched roof, checking for water damage or rot, and replacing with materials which will last for many more generations is the most expensive part of the project. Please pray that:
  • Grant funding applications can be completed in time
  • The applications will excite those allocating money
  • Projects and events which need to underpin the funding requests can be organized, engage with the community and be successful in reaching everyone in Woodingdean
  • for all who have not been 'well' in Woodingdean, that the church in Woodingdean may be a source of help and healing
  • for the teams working on presenting each of the project parts: the roof team; the kitchen team; the sound, vision and lighting team; the garden team and the storage team; that each team might be inspired to hold the vision for future generations of worshippers.