Deans and Whitehawk

Here at the Holy Cross we regularly hold events with other local Churches and meet monthly for prayer with Churches Together

St Margaret's Rottingdean

St Wulfran's Ovingdean

St Cuthman's Whitehawk

Calling all Christians in Woodingdean!

If you have a deep concern about Woodingdean and have faith that God listens to, and answers prayer, please come and join us. We meet together, usually on the first Saturday f each month for an hour to pray for the community and the people who live and work here.

At present, five churches are represented regularly.

Next meetings:- mostly via Zoom but please see below for details. If you would like to join us then please contact Margaret Bradford on [email protected]

9am, Saturday, 4th March – hosted by St Patrick's Church

9am, Saturday, 1st April – hosted by Woodingdean Methodist Church

9am, Saturday, 6th May – Hosted by Fire Starter House Church

9am, Saturday, 3rd June – Hosted by Holy Cross

9am, Saturday, 15th July - at the Woodingdean Carnival held at Woodingdean Primary School

9am, Saturday 5th August - Hosted by Downs Baptist Church

9am, Saturday 2nd September - Hosted by St Patrick's Church

9am, Saturday 7th October - Hosted by Woodingdean Methodist Church

9am, Saturday 4th November - Hosted by Fire Starter House Church

9am, Saturday 2nd December - Hosted by Holy Cross

Churches Warm Spaces

Holy Cross Church – Fridays 9.00-12

Woodingdean Methodist Church – Thursdays 10-1

St Patrick's Church – Mondays 10-1