Our First Messy Church - July 2018

The theme for our first Messy Church was "The miracle of the five loaves and two fish" which were able to feed 5,000. The Gospel of John reports that five barley loaves and two small fish supplied by a boy were used by Jesus to feed a multitude.

After months of training, planning, visiting other messy churches and praying together - the day arrived. It was so hot - the whole country was wilting in tropical temperatures and longing for rain. The opportunity to tell more people was past, the shopping was done, activities were set out and it was time. Would anyone come?

They did - over 70 people and at least 40 children. It was messy but beautiful: a fruit catapult helped 'feed' hungry buckets with squashy fruit, kindly donated by Downs Baptist Church Community Greengrocers; delicious mini pizzas were constructed;

a chopstick challenge seemed to involve eating large quantities of marshmallows for some and sharing just a few for others;

lots of painting and collage produced crowds of potato printed heads, loaves, fishes and people;

Fish were caught with magnetic fishing rods and interesting techniques propelled paper fish across the floor.

A brief time of celebration involved bread and biscuit fishes, bubbles and kneelers - it was all so joyous! The weather celebrated too by sending torrential rain to cool us all down and to water the thirsty earth. Few could resist the urge to dash outside and catch a raindrop in their mouth, run around in the deluge or even sit down in a puddle.

The same dilemma faced the catering team as must have taxed the disciples when they saw 5,000 hungry people hoping to be fed but, in the end, there was more than enough to go round.

The meal was rounded off by a magnificent cake, especially made for our first "Messy" by Beryl.

We have already started planning the next time - Friday August 24th at 3.30. Make a note on your calendar now and we look forward to seeing you then!