Money Matters

Money Matters

Messy Church has been FREE for a year now, and we want to keep it accessible to anyone who wants to come.

However, there is a cost to putting on each session – paint and other consumables, snacks and some of the meal; not to mention set-up costs of leader training, books, table cloths, storage boxes, etc . . .

We have been brilliantly supported by

who have provided trays of hot pasta every single month – completely free. BIG SHOUT OUT to Circa! Also, by kind donations from people who have given money, time and energy or materials to get us started and keep us going.

Holy Cross was given a grant by the Diocese of Chichester to set this up, and other projects, and to get them to a point where they can sustain themselves. Now, we need to plan for a sustainable future.

Please think about the questions below – write down your thoughts and pop them in the 'post box' in the Parish Room. We will put it out for a couple more months too, in case you want to add something.

Does it seem ridiculous to be talking about charging for something that has been free whilst asking for money for other projects – like the Toilet Twinning Project - at the same time?

We talked, in story time in August, about how our very existence – our planet, our evolution, our birth – are enormous and wonderful gifts.

Each of us must be responsible for our own daily provision and financial future if we can. Sometimes, and in some places, people cannot manage. It could be any one of us!

Please don't feel we are asking you to give beyond what you can, or want, to give. You being part of Messy Church matters more.

  1. Should we make a charge?
  2. Should we ask for a donation?
  3. How much would be reasonable?
  4. How should we collect it?
  5. How can we make it OK for people who cannot pay?