Answer to Prayer

Answer to Prayer

Do you sometimes wonder about how effective prayer might be? Until your own prayers are answered, I think it is very hard to understand the immensity of what has taken place. You might find it hard to believe that what happened was, indeed, as a result of prayer rather than coincidence. Each of us has to make our own decision about what we believe – to my mind it takes as much faith to believe in coincidence providing what we need as to believe in a higher power acting for our good.

A recent event, which I believe to be an answer to prayer, came about after a very sad occurrence in Woodingdean. A boy was badly injured crossing the road one evening. Many people wanted to support the family, and one way was to raise some money to alleviate the extra expenses for the family.

Our Friday Drop-In seemed the perfect venue for a cake sale and we went ahead and publicised it, through social media, for the following Friday – only 4 days away! It took until Wednesday for the realisation to hit me that we had a very small number of cake-makers – the cake sale was likely to be a disaster! Lots of people were expressing interest but would they all BRING cakes or be expecting to BUY them? Through the wonders of Facebook and our amazing Woodingdean Community Group page ( if you haven't yet explored it), Michelle also posted an advertisement for a cake sale on the same Friday. She had cake but no venue.

The result was an amazing day with many people able to work together to show their love and support for a family in difficulties.

'Thy kingdom come' or coincidence? You decide.