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How to get involved

How to get involved with making a real difference in the local community

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Welcome to the Church of the Holy Cross. If you have a query or want to get in touch, please do call Rev Helen Rose on 01273 679015 or the Parish Office, Monday - Friday between 10am and 1pm on 01273 681593. Thank you.

The Church of the Holy Cross Woodingdean...

...A church that sees itself as part of an incredible local community, a community where lonely people are encouraged to meet others, where the distressed or grieving can be supported, where those struggling can find places to go where they know they will get the care and support they need.

It is an incredible privilege for me to work (and live) in such a community and it is our Church's mission to provide everyone with a place of sanctuary, a place of peace and to contribute to the society in which we live.

Rev Helen Rose

If you'd like to get in touch call 01273 679015